”What if… is a thought many struggle with, usually thinking of the worst case scenario. ”What if… you are successful?” I usually reply to redirect the mind from what it is programmed to think.

With several years of experience as a life and career coach as well as working in marketing departments in larger commercial companies (Unilever, Philips, Arla Foods) I combine this expertise to help people or companies to break free from mental borders and take the next step or find direction to what is meaningful and valuable to them.

2012 I started my first company and today I own and run three companies:

Addexcite – coaching, consulting and inspirational public speaking

TheLoft – Co-working space for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses

Businesswomen.se – networking and employer branding business for talented women

Addexcite a consultant business with focus on coaching, public speaking and career/life development. Addexcite stands for ”add excitement” which I believe we should strive for in our lives. Studies show that you raise the probability from 20% to 80% by using a coach in your change process. We set directions, goals and a action oriented detailed plan on how to achieve the desired results.

Individual or in groups.


Lectures offered:

”Your personal brand – what is it and how can you use it? We all have one. Today and going forward it’s even more important to be aware of yours as we are all creating our own personal brands through social media. And we don’t own it so be aware of how you are perceived.

”Your personal brand VS your company brand, where, or can you, draw the line?

”From employed to entrepreneur with three businesses”

”In the mind of a recruiter, how to maximize your job search process”

Book through: charlotta.lundin@addexcite.se or call +46739822277

TheLoft – co-working space in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden


Businesswomen.se – career and inspiration for talented women. A network where companies can find their next female leader and talent. Where the person comes first and the resume in second hand. We also help HR departments on how to reach this group with their communication (usually turn internal text into external, written for the target group).


Said about me:

”Charlotta Lundin helped me with my self esteem but also the hands on things, such as resume, portfolio and interview training which led me to my next job. /M Beyhan

”With the help of Charlotta, I cleared my thoughts and actually took the step to sell my company which has brought on new great opportunities, without the help of Charlotta, I would not have taken that step” /M Björnström

It has been great to work with Charlotta and I and the other colleagues in the HR team will really miss her. Charlotta is very dedicated! She will also be missed in the organisation for her great personality and her excellence in helping line managers in their leadership roles. I give Charlotta my best recommendations. / Carl Esselin, Head of HR, Business Sweden

Contact details:

Don’t hesitate to contact me, you reach me on:



LinkedIn: Charlotta Lundin